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Painting Rainbows

What if there’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

(praise from reviewers)

A chance meeting between two childhood friends. A summer of fun and romance. And a promise to meet again next summer. Seems like a story we’ve all heard before. But it’s in the delivery that made the difference for me. A very well written story. And though it’s short, I still can’t help but feel emotional at the twist in the end. You’ll have to read this to know why… Reading Alley

Painting Rainbows is a fragment of life. The story slapped me in the face and showed me reality. Full of content but not lacking in form. It was able to develop an impact. It was written with elegance, a perfect masterpiece… Reading Alley

Though this is a short story, I enjoyed it a lot. Painting Rainbows is unexpected, both in the interesting story that unraveled and in the ending that was presented. Being a fan of twists, I love the one that is revealed here. I like the author’s writing style and voice. Well worth a read… Reading Alley

It was a unique short story. The storyline was captivating and the characters were of note. The best line in this book for me though is this: “I was a fantasy, Joel. A nice memory. People like you don’t need a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow.” And it just struck a chord in me. I was moved and when I read the last word, I became devastated because I really wanted more. Good read. Lovely effort… Reading Alley

I read it twice. That’s how much I enjoyed it. Painting Rainbows is a short story but don’t be deceived by it. It packs a very interesting storyline, a sweet and sensual romance, and an intricate plot that slowly unravels with an ending that will leave you feeling astounded. I like every aspect of how the author wrote the story. The characters were portrayed with great chemistry you’ll be immediately drawn to them and root for them all the way. Quite simply, an amazing story… Reading Alley

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High Hopes

Can a life-long friendship survive a secret baby? If Grace confesses now, she’ll wreck Sam’s happy marriage.

(praise from reviewers)

A romantic drama filled with suspense, love, heartbreak, and pain. It teaches us that sometimes there are no easy answers and that life and relationships are complicated. The plot and writing make this a hopeful and inspiring read, and convey the idea that as long as there is life and love, there is hope. A good, enjoyable read that I recommend! … Readers’ Favorite

While this is admittedly a familiar trope in literature, I thought Lilley did a great job of making the storyline feel fresh and original, and best of all, completely believable. There are some shocking twists. The ending was sweet and satisfying, and probably not what one would expect from a typical romance novel. But then again this book was definitely not typical. Pick it up today … you won’t regret it! … Indie Book Reviewers

An engaging novel that captured my attention from the beginning. Each scene was riveting, imaginative, and well- crafted. The narrative and dialogue propelled the story at a good pace and I enjoyed the blend of past events and present characters. Sam, Dixie, Grace and Alexander have dynamic relationships that are anything but predictable. How they end up is not for me to reveal, but their journey is a memorable and impactful one. Overall a really good read that I’d recommend to mature fans of romantic drama … Indie Book Reviewers

The pacing was steady, and there was great character development and insight, and some crazy developments toward the end. It felt unique and unpredictable, always a nice experience. I enjoyed the author’s narrative voice, and would be interested in reading anything else she writes. Recommend … Indie Book Reviewers

The writing is easy to get lost in, and flows seamlessly from one scene to the next. Adored Danny and Alexander, but for me the real hero was Dixie – I just kept thinking what I would do if I were her. Props to the author for doing a GREAT job with the dialogue to show the plot unfolding and progressing forward. I liked how it all wrapped up, and it really gave us a sense of things really coming ‘full circle” This novel is broad in themes and isn’t just a simple romance novel. I was almost in tears at a few points and loved that the characters were flawed, and so human. Relatable and real. I really hope that Sue Lilley writes more books in the future. I’d love to read them! … Indie Book Reviewers

This book was terrific! Once I started reading I didn’t want to stop. I particularly enjoyed the author’s “voice” and style of writing. The interweaving plotlines were well-crafted and original, and the themes of love, life, betrayal, and just overall challenges were handled with respect and felt authentic. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill love story, but still real, poignant, and moving. The characters were all fleshed out and fully realized, with much more complexity than I see in a lot of books these days. I’d love to read more from Sue Lilley someday, and I’m happy to see she has a few other books out. Recommend for fans of drama and romance … Indie Book Reviewers

From the very beginning the intrigue and drama flowed seamlessly from one page to the next as past and present came to life in a vivid and sometimes shocking way. I enjoyed the creativeness that Lilley used and made it feel new, not like something I’ve read a million times. The pacing and editing was perfect and the plot was unpredictable enough to make me just *have* to see what would happen next. I was impressed with Lilley’s writing style and will look for more works from her in the future … Indie Book Reviewers

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Another Summer

Another Summer

Evie believes her marriage to Joe is over. But Joe is on a mission to win her back. Will he reach her before she falls under the spell of hot rock singer Jake?

(praise from reviewers)

I was pleasantly surprised with this book and how well it sucked me in. I couldn’t stop reading this. I enjoyed this story about two people who were forced into adulthood too young. I highly recommend this quick read. It will make you think … Chick-lit review

The story is fast paced and it’s interesting to read how the plot twists unravel themselves. There are steamy and passionate intimate scenes aplenty. Another great feature of this story is its unpredictability which will keep the reader hooked till the end. None of the lead characters are close to perfection and this factor makes the story realistic. The transformation in Joe is tremendous, and the author accomplishes this evolution in a smooth and believable manner. This is a story that holds immense appeal for readers who like plots containing sizzling love triangles …

A must read YA Romance novel and an alluring example of its genre, Another Summer is the debut release from author Sue Lilley who proves an exciting new voice in Women’s Fiction. With a string of vignettes that quickly coalesce into a fully fleshed-out tale, it’s the beginning of one of those romantic sagas you’ll be hard-pressed to finish without a warm feeling inside. In the main, Lilley delivers this through a combination of pure escapism and a deft pen and in keeping with the best of Contemporary Romance her chapters are smart and well-constructed with dialogue that’s faltering enough to appear spontaneous. Yes, there’s a certain amount of cliché, but it’s well spun and adds underlying depth to her narrative which in turn really brings her characters to life. Jake and Joe are polls apart and in the context of Lilley’s plot this a good thing because it makes the relationship dynamics infinitely more intriguing. There’s no need for tortured Freudian explanations as to why Evie finds herself caught between them or manufactured thrills whilst the intimate interludes are pitch perfect and sure to leave readers a little breathless! A sterling debut which promises good things to come from Lilley, Another Summer should be at the top of your list for Summer Romance novels and is strongly recommended … BookViral

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