Another Summer

Evie stood transfixed by his mouth and the thought of what it was going to do. She felt dizzy and tried to laugh at herself. What was she, sixteen again? It was only a song and he was a performer. He got paid to make people feel like that. But she still wanted him. It was a terrifying cocktail of guilt and excitement…

Who does Evie truly want – the mesmerizing rock singer or the bad-boy soulmate who broke her heart? Set in the windswept wilds of Poldark country, this award-winning romance is the sizzling second-chances page-turner you won’t want to miss.

Alone and heartbroken in remote and stormy Cornwall, Evie is staring into an empty future. Joe is the only man she ever loved, since that long hot summer when she was sixteen. But he cheated and their marriage is over.

Then along comes rocker Jake, hot and tempting, to sweep her off her feet. If Joe doesn’t want her, why shouldn’t she grasp her own happy ending?

By the time Joe comes to his senses, it’s surely too late to persuade Evie he loves her. Does he even deserve another chance? Old hurts are deep and forgiveness seems out of the question.

Who will Evie choose? Will she grasp the chance of happy-for-now or will she hold out for the fairytale happy-ever-after? Evie’s dilemma is sure to melt your heart.

Winner of the Literary Titan Silver Award, Another Summer is a sexy and unpredictable love story.

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