Snowdrops and Stardust

Was he on a promise or just so used to girls falling at his feet he couldn’t tell the difference? Lust at first sight was more his thing than good old-fashioned love but she was stirring something forgotten.

Who doesn’t dream of being the girl he gives it all up for? If you love a rock-star romance, you won’t want to miss this captivating short story.

Flame-haired rock-god Aiden Delaney has it all. But three days before his sell-out headline gig, he takes off alone, disillusioned and on a quest for inspiration. Fame and fortune was never meant to be such a senseless treadmill. Where does he go from here?

In his recurring nightmare he’s trapped beneath the stage in a padlocked crate, frantically battering the sides. A few feet above him the show goes on, louder as he hammers for help. Nobody misses him. It’s time he got the hell out. But nobody jumps ship without a life-raft.

Is it fate he gets snowed-in with beautiful country-girl Marianne? But can he admit to feeling lost and scared of the future? He’ll sound like a lunatic. She could be his muse or his salvation but she doesn’t even own up to recognising him.

They have three days alone in her cottage, miles from the city. Three magical days which will surely change their lives.

This hot new romance is sure to melt your heart. Don’t miss out. Scroll up now and click buy to start reading.

(praise from reviewers)

Three days that can only be described as magical. It’s incredibly relatable – who hasn’t wondered about changing their life drastically, or felt some huge pull toward a different lifestyle when given a taste of it. Aiden can’t tell if Marianne recognizes him yet his charm breaks her down and they end up in a relationship. The book handles all of this excellently, and the ending wrapped things up perfectly and couldn’t have been better. My official rating is 4 out of 4 stars, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who loves romance with a twist …

Marianne steals the show and I like how her character makes the book flow at a steady pace. Aiden is the spark and magic of the book. The author shows expertise writing with a keen insight of how to bring a story to life to fulfil both of the main characters long term needs and wants in a very romantic cozy unexpected way … Reading Alley

New author to me and I will be looking for more of her books. The story line just kept me turning the pages. I had to know what was going to happen to Aiden and Marianne. This is a short story so a great bedtime read … Reading Alley

If this book was a full length it would be seriously awesome. I absolutely loved the way the two meet and the chemistry between them … Reading Alley

A lovely and engaging read (although I would have loved a sequel) that has a realistic ending and features lively characters. This is a great read if you want something to sink into before bed. The writing is tight and the characters are realistic and easy to sympathise with, and the setting and descriptions are lovely … Goodreads