High Hopes reviewed by Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

High Hopes by Sue Lilley is a romantic drama centering around the life and loves of the main protagonists, Sam, Grace, and Dixie. Sam and Dixie have been married for a long time and the three go back a long way as friends. However, Grace carries a secret from a long time ago when she and Sam had a brief fling that resulted in a pregnancy. However, Grace had decided to give up the baby for adoption, knowing that Sam and Dixie were getting married and she would never wreck that or be able to be a single mother successfully. Now, several years later, Grace hears from her daughter who wants to know about her biological father. This sets in motion a series of events as Grace faces the choice of telling her secret after all these years, and how it will affect all of their lives and relationships forever, as well as form new ones in the process.
High Hopes by Sue Lilley is a fictional novel, but the characters and setting are portrayed in an authentic and realistic way. This is a book filled with suspense, romance, love, heartbreak, and pain. There are a number of supporting characters that round off this story and complement the central protagonists well. This book teaches us that sometimes there are just no easy answers and that life and relationships are complicated. That being said, the plot and the writing still make this a hopeful and inspiring read, and convey the idea that as long as there is life and love, there is hope. A good, enjoyable read that I would recommend!